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Our Services

Custom Metal Fabrication,

Specilised sheet metal modifications to Gas tanks, Fenders, oil tanks, and frames.


Unique items designed and machined in house.

Brackets, housings, Brake adaptor mounts, spacers, and more.


Hand built custom exhaust systems,

Custom billet tips, Mandrel bends, Stepped pipe, Heat Sheilds and mounting brackets, HPC coated or Chrome.


Custom made seats to suit any chopper or bobber,

Hand formed metal seat bases, hand layed fiberglass bases, Carbon Fibre, in single or dual seat, Spung or fixed.


Complete electrical services,

wiring your new bike or modifying your old one. Custom built harnesses. Electrical repairs, wires thru your bars or frame.


Paint and graphic design to suit your needs.

Bring me your art or favourite photos, and I will combine your ideas to creat the perfect bike for you.